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Medellin landscaping & Gardening inc.
Thank you for visiting. I hope our web site
can help guide you with any questions you
may have for your own landscaping needs.
We will continue to update our web site with
photographs showing jobs we are currently
working on for this spring. If you have any
questions please feel free to contact me on
my cellular phone at 913-927-1853.
My father and I
Kirkwood landscape
Design plan, lake home

Many people search for years to find their dream
garden only to come up empty. With more than
45 years of landscape design experience our  well
thought out plans of outdoor spaces can increase
your enjoyment of your property, save money, solve
difficult site problems, and add significantly to the
value and beauty of your home or business. We offer
custom made designs that reflect your distinct style,
all within your budget.
Medellin Landscaping is a very small
company that has been serving the
Kansas City metropolitan area for
more than 25 years. Our success is based on
a father and son team. Maintaining gardens
year round, we strive to educate our employees
about plant  material care so that we have
only the most beautiful gardens to enjoy for
all seasons.  Most of our design work is based
on being natural and letting the plant material
speak for itself.